How to Make Easy Red Wine From Concentrate – Part 3

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This is the third part (part #3) of a mini “How To” series describing how to make red wine from ordinary store bought frozen concentrate. Part 3 video will discuss re-racking the wine into a second fermenting vessel (carboy), De-Gassing and preparing for final bottling in step by step detail.

The Carboy cover shown in this video can be purchased here:

All the ingredients and tools used in this recipe are very minimal and the wine is a very, very good.

Link to our recipe and specific gravity chart is here:

Guru Brew’s Easy to Make Red Wine from Concentrate
Batch Size: 5 Gallon
Original SP Gravity: 1.120
Finished SP Gravity:1.00
Primary Fermentation: 4-5 days at room temp.
Secondary Fermentation: Until Clear at room temp.
Taste: High Volume-Sweet flavor (Ideal Wine Base for making Champagne)
Potency: 16%-18% alcohol by volume

I have created a playlist for future wine videos in this series here:

Easy Red Wine from Store Bought Frozen Concentrate – Part 3


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