Ask A Tech – Question and Answer Show – #2

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This is our second episode (#2) of “Ask a Tech”, where we answer viewers tech questions in a direct personal manner. Thanks to all who participated!

Topics Covered in This Video:

1) The Question: What should i do on a regular basis to keep my computer running up to speed.

2) The Question: What do employers look for in an IT? Do they value experience or certifications more? From your point of view of course.

3) The Question: How do I bypassing user password on a Lenovo Think Pad Edge with windows 7 professional

4) The Question: Hey I’ve been having a problem with my laptop it is a dell Inspiron it has windows 7 on it. When I play games, or other applications it does not play through my headset, I am pretty sure it is my computer because I tried various headsets. If you can help me that would be great.

5) The Question: My name is Tony, and I live in New Jersey USA. Great stuff you do, I really appreciate your clear explanations. I have a question on your tutorial on your Pan Tilt Camera mount… Do you have the files that you modified for the web access to the Pi? I am trying to make a Raspberry Pan/Tilt PiCam using their Camera card. It is a great camera putting out full HD for $29.00, and I need to connect the Pi to the web via php. I saw your video and it is exactly what would work for this project, I would really appreciate it if you could send me your modified python files and php files.

** Software demonstrated for the Pan & Tilt Raspberry PI Camera Controller can be found here (Use at your own risk)

6) The Question: My friend gave me an Toshiba Satellite C655 to see if I could make it stop locking up and run faster. She does not want me to do a factory reset, and the computer is dead slow and freezes often even when opening extremely lite applications like notepad. I thought it was a virus or root-kit and did multiple scans with different programs and not a single threat was found. So then I thought it might be hardware failure and as I looked over the computers logs its seems to be having issues accessing some files from the HDD every once in a while. But I don’t think the HDD is the problem but can’t say for sure because the laptop froze while doing a HDD health check. Any ideas of whats going on? Thanks.

7) The Question: I have a Toshiba Satellite running Windows 8.1, I recently bought an Ethernet cable to connect my PS3 to a shared network via my laptop. My issue is, i have to hold the cable in at a certain spot for my laptop to recognize it. but when i do place it in, the cable won’t click in place, so i am guessing the locking mechanism in the port is broken. How can i fix this?

8) The Question: You have a great video on hooking up an X box controller for mach3. I went through a couple controllers (3rd party units). In the remarks there is explained how to change settings to make it work but I still can’t figure out how to do it. Wonder if you could explain it. Thanks. Your videos are great!


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