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Cheap 12 Volt – DC to DC Converter Solution For Raspberry PI

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In this video we continue our ongoing project of building the Raspberry PI powered, 4 channel replay controller. The focus of this part of the build will be… A) Eliminating the USB power cable to the Raspberry PI and connecting the 5 volt wiring directly to its circuit board preserving it’s built in safety features. […]

Control Appliances With Your Computer – The Internet of All Things

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In an effort to contribute to the “Internet of all Things” movement in these early stages of development, we are building our own low cost controller that can switch most any household powered item using a computer, phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, thanks to the internet. Our simple low cost project is […]

Repairing 3D Printer After Extruder Melt Down

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Our Maker Farm i3 Prusa 3D Printer broke after the little fan that cools the hot end and extruder parts stopped working allowing heat to build up and damage the ABS parts. I managed to repair the warped parts using a belt sander and now printed an extra set of Greg’s Hinged Accessible Extruder parts […]