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Tour of Small Emergency Solar Battery Backup System

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Short video of our emergency power system to keep our equipment safe and running in the event of the utility grid going down. We received a new solar charge controller, the ProStar-30. I also wired up three inverters to make separate zones throughout the building to add redundancy to the system. We are currently using […]

Universal SATA and IDE External Hard Drive Enclosure

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We show you our universal SATA and IDE hard drive enclosure we recently received. I did have a few problems with its design as described but it does work as intended. What’s in the Box 1 – Universal SATA IDE USB 2.0 Hard Drive Dock 1 – 40 Pin + LP4 to 44 Pin IDE […]

Windows 10 – A Sneak Peek at the Unfinished Technical Build

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Take a quick look at the new Microsoft operating system scheduled to be available in the third quarter of 2015 called Windows 10. This is technical preview #9926 that is the first build release to include Cortana, the human like digital assistant that can be used with our spoken word or typed on the keyboard. […]