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Should I Install Windows Service Packs? – Ask a Tech #34

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A service pack contains all the updates, patches and enhancements given to Microsoft products over time and are bundled together to form a service pack release. Normally it is recommended to install all current service packs but what are they and when can you disregard them. Name: Armot Title of Question: Choosing Between Service Pack […]

Computer Fans are Keeping Things Cool – Ask a Tech #33

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Most all modern computers contain at least one mechanical fan to keep internal parts like the processor, power supply’s and graphic cards from overheating from the heat they generate. Fans come in many sizes, colors, features and styles. The larger fans can spin slower than a smaller fan providing similar air flow output. Smaller fans […]

Process Explorer is Task Managers Big Brother – Ask a Tech #31

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Process Explorer is a freeware version of task manager developed by Sysinternals, which has been acquired by Microsoft in 2002. It is like Windows Task Manager with a ton of added features for recalling information about the processes running on a windows computer system. It can be used to track down troubled software or systems. […]

Using CAD to Create Custom Horizontal Sundial

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This video documents the necessary steps in using VCarve Pro to create a traditional horizontal sundial. We plan on eventually casting the final design in concrete by using a milled CNC foam mold for the final product. A sundial is a tool used to tell the current time of day by using the position of […]