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Mechanical Halloween Props & 3D Printer Fun

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It’s the Guru Brew Halloween Special. Today we look at some mechanically powered mechanisms that can be used to automate Halloween Prop and other special effects. Many methods of powering our prop are available when we are building and designing animations such as pneumatic, motors, gears pulleys, servo motor, stepper motors. No matter what power […]

Installing new Garage Door and WiFi Opener

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The old wooden garage door was due to be replaced as it was falling apart and very heavy to open.Today I install a new Pella door and Chamberlain WiFi enabled opener at Home Depot hardware store. I did not know at the time of purchase but my available headroom above the door was not enough […]

Space Heater Maintenance & Cleaning

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Winter is almost here! Space heaters work great for heating small rooms but can fail over time especially when you need them. Most of the time it just needs a good cleaning. You can do it yourself with a few tools and time. Just remember to unplug the appliance before starting. Extra Long Security Bit […]

Stacking Large Retaining Wall Rocks with Homemade Lifting Crane

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Hello Friends…. Long time no see. I took some time off from making videos and focused my attention on getting some things done around the property that needed done for way to long. If you enjoy these videos, please consider helping support our channel here (THANKS): The Guru Brew is a weekly entertainment show […]