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Guru Brew’s Questions and Answers Show (BETA)

Do you have a computer or tech related question that you would like to have answered personally by Steve in an upcoming video?


GuruBrew – Ask A Tech

We get tons of questions sent to us on a daily basis as a result of our YouTube videos and simply don’t have enough time or resources to answer all of them directly. To help the community we decided to start a new video series of answering the best asked tech questions in a special new show published on You Tube continuously. The link to the channel is here

To have your questions considered as Q&A content on a future show, simply submit your question on the form below. Some questions such as “How do I program using C++?” cannot possible be answered in a quick Q&A format.

TIP: To better your chances of getting your answer published, be specific about the subject you are asking using as few words possible.

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