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Top Fixes for Common Internet WiFi Connection Problems

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Internet connection problems thru a WIFI connection can be frustrating to troubleshoot. In this video we outline some of the most common causes of failure and methods used to repair the issue. Check out this video to repair internet device drivers by downloading and installing from manufacture: Top Reasons and Repairs for Internet W-iFi […]

Guitar Hero Drum Midi Conversion Using Arduino Chip

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I was inspired to make a larger MIDI instrument after building the mini drum set MIDI project. This time I use a $5 Goodwill Guitar Hero Drum set. I removed the chip from the Arduino (ATmega 328p-pu) and put it directly on the circuit to save on space. Watch the full progress now in this […]

Big Realistic Sound From a Tiny DIY Midi Drum Set !!

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MIDI instruments have been around for a few decades and I am finally experimenting with it’s exciting possibilities. I picked up a mini acoustic drum kit from the $5 below store as my base instrument. A coffee can or any other object would work just as well if you prefer. The rest of the parts […]