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Thanksgiving Dinner – Electrocution Style

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Another year has almost past us by and I have a lot to be thankful for, so I’m cooking the meal. Using an AC plug with some alligator clips for safety, a couple of corn skewers and were off to the races. Will it cook the turkey dog or will it be […]

How Many Laptop Batteries Does It Take to Make an Electric Vehicle?

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I have been collecting lipo batteries from old scrap computer laptops. Inside the average battery pack contains about 8-18650 sized cells. These popular sized cells usually have lots of service left in them, even if the machine they were powering is DOA. I show how I collect, test and build a quick and dirty prototype […]

Fixing Water Heater and Furnace in the Same Week!

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This week was particular interesting and busy at the Brew… The domestic hot water produced by our system is usually around 125 degrees F and stored in a 40 gallon Whirlpool tank that is 7 years old. When taking a shower I noticed that the water was warmer than normal because the valve settings required […]