Ask A Tech – Question and Answer Show – #1

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This is our very first episode (#1) of “Ask a Tech”, where we answer viewers tech questions in a direct personal manner.

Topics Covered in This Video:

1) The Question: I’ve watched your video countless times,but I am having a few problems. When it reaches the 3mm Touch Plate it STOPS and then gradually clicks down approximately 1mm or so, and also it doesn’t retract to the SET 15mm. Can you advise me on what I may have done wrong. As you can see I am working in MM not INCHES as you have demonstrated. Thanks for your time and do hope you can advise.

2) I have a Vostro 220s computer that needs to be factory reset. that I that I cant go to D repair computer option during start up. But what I needed help with is finding the factory restore option I cant find it. I’m only trying to do this because I keep getting a message on my computer monitor saying input not support.

3) Because I’m not sure white time of day it is you’re reading this:) I’ve seen you use Linux on the Raspberry Pi and was wondering if you have/had any desktop’s/laptops with only Linux on it? Either way, do you have any distro’s in particular that you like to use? If you never had a desktop/laptop with only Linux; would you consider it even as just a machine you give Linux tutorials on in your videos?

4) My laptop recently passed. Moved onto the silicon afterlife.
I pulled the hard drive. I dug out my old laptop from a closet.
Am I crazy to expect that I can pull the existing hard drive, plug in the 320 GB (Windows 7 OS) hard drive from my deceased Acer laptop, put it into this Compaq CQ50, (which has only a 120 GB (Vista OS) drive) and have this all work somehow? My instinct is that “it will NEVER happen” But thinking about it, with Plug n Play, and the Windows 7 OS on that drive…. I wonder if with some driver updates and the like, whether it might somehow work?( albeit in a Frankenstein fashion.)
Anyway, that is what I’d like expert help with.
I want to be able say “It’s alive, It’s AAA-Liiive!!!! ” And laugh maniacally. Can you help with that?

5) Is there a way to password protect a folder using Win 7

6) How do you reset a Windows 7 Home Premium laptop for a new user (but still be able to keep all loaded software)? Thanks

7) Sir good day, i am using a 3 remote utilities such as ultra VNC both server &viewer in my laptop i also use team viewer and ive use an avast remote w/c is built in with its antivirus..using all this sir can i be hacked and viewed my internet activities ? or is there spying on me? and discovered my accounts password by anonymous.

8) Can go from a 90 watt 19v 4.74 amp .to a 120 watt 19v 6.3 amp

9) The manual for mach 3 is old and it has a chapter on opening a BMP or JPG but i hear that that is now handled in lazy cam. it need a walk thru as I can not figure it out.

Software demonstrated in video to create carvings from images: VCarve Pro
Also check out their PhotoVCarve that is perfect for machining 3D lithophanes directly from photographs

10) Does every main piece of a PC have a different driver to download?


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