Creating a Circuit Board Using CNC Router – Experimenting

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This is the second video of a multiple part series focused around how to create an isolation style circuit board using a CNC router machine. This is experimentation video of different setups and techniques we have explored as our end goal is to produce the best circuit board possible using a CNC machine.

There are a few new challenges when creating a circuit board using a sharp cutting bit on a thin layer of copper as the tight tolerances required account for much of the special care that is need to make a good board.

In this lesson series (playlist) we will be creating a small circuit board starting with schematics to board design, etching, drilling, assembly and testing. Showing all the steps involved will hopefully help the beginner get starting making there own circuit boards.

The playlist for all the DIY circuit board videos using a CNC router can be found here

The software used in this video tutorial…
Eagle PCB Software:
PCB G-Code Software:
Mach3 CNC Software:


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