How to Build Device to Control Lights & Appliances Using Computer – Final

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This video concludes our finished and functioning Raspberry Pi controlled 4 port relay system scratch build. This is video 3 of 3 in the series. Please see our channel playlist at to watch this complete build series. Discussions here include – Wiring household mains properly and how to determine, Hot, Neutral and ground connections. A diagram of how we will be wiring our Pi controlled relay to AC 120 and a general discussion of the software that was used to connect the project to the internet and make the system accessible to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer from anywhere in the world. This is our little contribution and tribute to the movement of… “The Internet of All Things”

Software Demonstrated in this Video:
+ GPIO Tool For Raspberry Pi –
+ Weaved, Networking Across the Internet –

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~Scratch Built PC Controlled Home Electrics – Final Build Demo
~How to Build Device to Control Lights & Appliances Using Computer

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