Custom CNC Designed Circuit Board – The Decision Box

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For the last month or so we have been experimenting with the possibility of designing and cutting our own custom circuit boards using Eagle Cad and a CNC router to mill two sided copper boards using the isolation method.

To watch our ongoing journey of creating circuit boards using the computer and CNC router follow this link to the series playlist:

After extensive testing we were finally were able to produce a usable 2 sided board that looked pretty good so we decided to finish the build and see how it performs. The project is based off the ATmega 328p – pu micro-controller IC chip. Everything was designed from the ground up and is now positive proof of concept that we can successfully make our own custom made circuit boards.

The board consist of a SD card reader that stores the music and phrases in an 8bit wav format, an amplifier from Adafruit, a small speaker and a micro controller that was custom programmed to control all the on-board components and functions. The board contains surface mounted as well as through hole components.


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