Beginners Guide to Using a USB Flash Drive – Ask a Tech #70

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We get a lot of questions from viewers about how to use a USB flash drive. We have covered this topic before in other episodes of the GuruBrew (see link below) but thought we would repeat the process of copying, deleting, viewing and moving in hopes of filling in the missing answers for some lingering questions.

Your Name: Vernon R P
Title of Question: transferring from photo gallery to flash drive

The Question: Steve..i am 75 years old..can you help.. getting a new puter. but trying to transfer from photo gallery(windows vista) to flash drive. I’m messing up something. The flash drive I’m using has pictures already in the drive and it will read them off but when i go to put the new ones on, I’m failing. what did I do wrong? Oh please techs charged me and it came back a mess. no cd drive working , no explorer browser will load so using Firefox now. So new puter to buy but I need pics off this dang old one. sincerely, Patricia

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Beginners Guide to Using USB Flash Drive – Ask a Tech #70

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