Vintage Graphical Drawing Board – SummaSketch – Ask a Tech #71

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What is this? The SummaSketch is a graphical tablet that is used as an input device that translates graphical information into information a computer can use and understand. This technology is now obsolete but modern designs work on the same principals.

Some of the uses are…
Navigating a computer screen pointer
Picking Locations
Drawing and Tracing

This one is from 1989-1990 era that worked on 286 and 386 machines using early 3.1 Windows or DOS

Removable custom paper templates were designed to work with specific software and this one was setup to work with Auto-Cad architecture CAD software.

Link to Product Document:

These devices could use a stylus or cursor used for pointing and drawing. Data was sent to the computer Via serial port.

Vintage Graphical Drawing Board SummaSketch – Ask a Tech #71

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