Cleaning Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner in CNC Room

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We use the Honeywell F54C electronic air cleaner in our CNC room to keep the wood dust at safe levels while working. These units work with electrostatic and are standalone units great for workshop, paint studio, smoking lounge, print shop, body-shop, house with pets.

120 Volt, 60H — Size inches: — 24H x 24W x 12D.
Introduced in 1974

2 Stage Filter — Particle & Electrostatic

1. The first stage is a pre filter that removes large particles such as lint, dust and pet dander.

2. The Main Electronic purifiers uses ionization technology to charge small particles form 0.03 microns to 0.3 microns. Charged particles then attach to the oppositely charged plates and are removed form the air.

The Benefits of The Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Ionization technology means you will not have to pay for new filters or replace them.
•Wash the filter cells every 6-12 months.
•The manual states the electronic air cleaner will remove 99% of airborne particles


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