Fixing Water Heater and Furnace in the Same Week!

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This week was particular interesting and busy at the Brew…
The domestic hot water produced by our system is usually around 125 degrees F and stored in a 40 gallon Whirlpool tank that is 7 years old. When taking a shower I noticed that the water was warmer than normal because the valve settings required more cold water to mix for a nice balanced shower.
After showering I tested the hot water coming from the tap with a thermometer. The temperature of just the hot water was over 150F and rising.
“I Immediately Knew I Had A Problem”.
Off to the basement I went and located the suspect electric water heater.
While working on the hot water heater problem, Guess What? Yes…. The propane powered Goodman furnace used to heat 2500 sq foot is also decided NOT to work.
Watch now, as it all unfolded before your very eyes.

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