Should I Install Windows Service Packs? – Ask a Tech #34

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A service pack contains all the updates, patches and enhancements given to Microsoft products over time and are bundled together to form a service pack release. Normally it is recommended to install all current service packs but what are they and when can you disregard them.

Name: Armot

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Choosing Between Service Pack 1 Or Service Pack 2

The Question: Hi Steve, I have 2 Desktops Running Windows 7 Pro With Service Pack 1. I Also Have 2 Laptops With 1 Of Them Running Windows Pro Service Pack 1 And The Other Is Running Vista Service Pack 1 From The XP Upgrade.

My Question Is That I Keep Receiving The Windows Update For Service Pack 2. Should I Install It Or Keep Service Pack 1.
I’ve Heard A Few People Say After Installing Service Pack 2 Some Programs Didn’t Work Correctly, Or Lost A Few Files. What Should I do.

Is It a Must to Upgrade Your Microsoft Service Packs? – Ask a Tech #34

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