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How to Turn Off Start Up Programs Using MSConfig

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In this tutorial you will will learn how to use Msconfig and how to stop pesky programs from automatically launching when the computer is started. This will free resources that will help speed up you computer. *Twitter: *Facebook: All Materials Found Here (c) The Guru Brew Daily Web Show

NEC Ready 120LT Retro Laptop Inspection – Flashback to 1997

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Production Year: 1997 Original Purchase Price: $999.00 USD System Type: NEC Ready 120LT Laptop CPU: 200MHz Cyrix Standard Memory: 32MB (removable) Maximum Memory: 64MB # of Memory Slots: 1 Hard Drive: 2GB (wow!) Modem: 56 Kbps-capable modem. I have the external 3.5″ floppy drive and external CD-ROM. *Twitter: *Facebook: All Materials Found Here […]

PHP Class For Beginners – Lesson #3

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This is the third video in our PHP programming for beginners series. PHP is a very useful and popular web programming language and is not that hard to learn once the basics are understood. In this lesson, we will be focusing on variables.