What’s a 3D Printer? What Can it Do? How Does it Work? – Ask a Tech #62

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A 3D printer is a process of adding successive layers of material to eventually build a complete three dimensional rendering made of various materials that form the object. Most modern 3D printers work using the added process but other technologies exist to also use subtractive processes.

Link to our 3D printer build: http://youtu.be/62KaVgWM9SY?list=UU2GvR38td1-3lVcUQgOBKnA

3D print sharing community: http://www.thingiverse.com/

Staples line of 3D printers: http://www.staples.com/3d+printers/directory_3d+printers

What is a 3D Printer – What Can It Make – How Does It Work – Ask a Tech #62

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