Commodore Vic-20 & C64 Reminiscing – Blast From the Past! – Part 1

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Well, Today I brought out my old computer systems from the early 80s to share with you. After nearly 30 year of not seeing my collection out of the old boxes, I must admit it brought back some very unexpected fond memories. This is part 1 of a 2 part Video. Please share your Commodore experiences in the comments below. ~Thanks

The first is the Commodore Vic-20, Release in1980/1981 and was discontinued in 1985
Operating system was Commodore BASIC 2.0
CPU MOS Technology 6502 @ 1.108404 MHz (PAL) [1] @ 1.02 MHz (NTSC)
Memory 5 – 64 kB – Graphics VIC 176 x 184 3-bpp
Sound 3x square, 1x noise, mono.[2]

The second is the Commodore C-64 release in August 1982 at the introductory price of US$ 595 (1982) it was discontinued in April 1994 –
Units sold 12.5[3] – 17[4] million

Operating system Commodore KERNAL/
Commodore BASIC 2.0 – GEOS (optionally)
CPU MOS Technology 6510 @ 1.023 MHz (NTSC version) @ 0.985 MHz (PAL version)
Memory 64 kB RAM + 20 kB ROM
Graphics VIC-II (320 × 200, 16 colors, sprites, raster interrupt)
Sound SID 6581 (3× Osc, 4× wave, filter, ADSR, ring)
Connectivity 2× CIA 6526 joystick, Power, ROM cartridge, RF, A/V, IEEE-488 floppy-printer, digital tape, GPIO/RS-232
Predecessor Commodore VIC-20
Successor Commodore 128


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