USB Keyboard Hack for MAME Arcade Controls

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This video demonstrates & documents using an “Off the shelf Dell keyboard” to serve as a multiple button input controller for a Mame styled gaming cabinet. Ultimate game controller I-Pac DIY alternative. This video also offers general info about how to fit and install arcade buttons and joysticks in a DIY Mame arcade cabinet.

We needed approximately 22 working buttons for our custom cabinet running from a Linux based OS and mini computer, Raspberry Pi. We were not able to use the GPIO buttons as inputs with this project because of “input pin, quantity needed” issue.

See our Mame build link here titled – All About the CNC Router 101

Part Source Company: Arcade Spare Parts for our button and joy parts

Here is a link for our Joystick Modification for Raspberry Pi Interface – Mini Mame Arcade Cabinet Build –

Solution to controller circuit for USB raspberry Pi powered Mame cabinet


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