How to: Test and Replace Computer CMOS Button Cell Battery

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This video describes how to change your bios (cmos) battery inside you computer tower that runs the time and date clock. If your computer is losing its time and/ or date settings, or you are getting message like CMOS Read Error, CMOS check sum error, or CMOS Battery Failure, look to a low button cell battery inside the computer to be the culprit. We are working on a black Dell Dimensions 4450 XP tower in this video example but this technique will work on other brands and models of desktop tower as well.

If windows update fails and never updates, the cause could be of an incorrect time and/or date because the CMOS (Bios) battery is not keeping correct time and date when the computer is turned off.

The part number for this battery for most computers is CR2032 or equivalence and are commonly a 3 Volt DC Voltage cell. When testing a battery using a multimeter, set your tester to DC Volts with the voltage setting as close to 3 volts without going under. The red probe will go to the + side of the battery and the black will be touched to the – side of the cell.

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