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Arranging and Organizing CNC Room – Cutting Room Floor

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The CNC lab is a room we house our two CNC wood router machines in. We are changing things around and making more room for projects and placing machines so they are easier to use. I also show a homemade LED sign that I built and programmed several years ago while learning electronics. Arranging and […]

CNC Stepper Motor Controller Build – Customizing the Case #6

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Progress continues in building our custom CNC Stepper motor controller. In this video we finish up mounting the circuit board using standoffs and machine screws into a plastic cutting board used as an insulated base. We also fashion two AC mains outlets to the back of the box with metal plate that will be controlled […]

Custom Parallel Port Cable – CNC Motor Controller Build

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Work continues on the homemade CNC stepper motor controller that we are putting together to control our cnc router cutter. The foundation for our build is a controller board designed by Today the task is to create a male to female 25 pin DB25 cable about 12 inches long to connect the board to […]