How to Make Easy Red Wine From Concentrate – Part 1

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This is the first part (part #1) of a mini “How To” series describing how to make red wine from ordinary store bought frozen concentrate. Part 1 video will discuss ingredients, mixing procedures and the primary fermentation process in step by step detail.

All the ingredients and tools used in this recipe are very minimal and the wine is a very, very good.

Link to our recipe and specific gravity chart is here:

Guru Brew’s Easy to Make Red Wine from Concentrate
Batch Size: 5 Gallon
Original SP Gravity: 1.120
Finished SP Gravity:1.00
Primary Fermentation: 4-5 days at room temp.
Secondary Fermentation: Until Clear at room temp.
Taste: High Volume-Sweet flavor (Ideal Wine Base for making Champagne)
Potency: 16%-18% alcohol by volume

I have created a playlist for future wine videos in this series here:

Easy Red Wine from Store Bought Frozen Concentrate – Part 1


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